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👋 I'm a product leader with a background in design, product management, and engineering, delivering delightfully sticky experiences fresh daily.
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Role player, team player, and team builder 💪

Battle-Tested PM

Whether going from Zero to One or One to 💯, I help connect blue sky ideas with real world opportunities. We'll collaborate on customer needs, revenue opportunities, industry constraints, create go-to-market plans and then move into launch mode, evaluating build vs. buy, creating KPIs, OKRs, and the definition of success while iterating to product/market fit.
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Pi-Shaped Designer

As a π-shaped 🤤 designer, I'm tasked with strategic design planning, team management and ops, as well as craftsman-level design quality. I help teams fully activate design and data across the user lifecycle, prioritizing improvements around conversion, uptake, and retention for sticky, intuitive, delightful products that open pathways to other experiences.
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UI Tinkerer

Hot take - all code should exist in service of the user. 🔥 Designs can fall flat when the performance is 💩, and today's users have a low tolerance for performance issues. While I no longer code as my primary responsibility, the skills still help with product delivery and estimation. I also tinker with VR, AR, MR, wearables, and other APIs looking for any valuable new integrations.
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Building experiences across platforms, mediums, channels, and modalities

Crafting a complete experience means understanding the full context with which people come to, and interact with, your product. Their journey may begin with an in-person conversation, a phone call, an email, the App Store, an ad, someone's viral video, or any other number of methods. Journeys don't always start or end with a screen, either, and I account for that as part of my process when building things for people, whether as an individual contributor or as a team lead.

My body of work covers experiences that are typically digital, occasionally physical, and sometimes emotional. It spans the web, email, print, mobile apps, video, social media, and other things.
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What's it like to work with me?

Over 35 recommendations from clients, colleagues, managers, and reports alike attesting to my leadership, team building, and technical capabilities.
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Joe is an exceptional leader who possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. He is a visionary who can see beyond the present and is constantly seeking new opportunities to drive innovation and success. He has a natural talent for identifying and nurturing talent, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to support his team members.
Mackenzie Andrews
Associate Product Manager, Care Quality at Movn Health
Joe is the real deal. He somehow has this never-ending well of knowledge when it comes to product, design, engineering, quality, testing, the list goes on. Any question someone would have, he would be able to answer it. He genuinely cares about his team members and invests time in mentoring them to be their best selves - I credit much of my own professional development to his guidance.
Justin Nguyen
Product Designer at Movn Health
As a Manager, Joe promoted a creative and collaborative environment where all team members felt empowered to contribute their ideas and insights. He provided guidance and mentorship to the team, which led to a high level of performance and exceptional results. His attention to detail and ability to understand the needs of our patients were invaluable to the success of our company projects.
Navjot Kaur
QA Engineer at Movn Health
Joe is a true master in his craft of product development and managing interdisciplinary teams. He will take a hands-on/roll-up-your-sleeves approach to understand all user journeys inside and out and works strategically to find the best solutions for client partners, over-delivering every time. Joe also builds his employees’ confidence to make decisions and become better leaders.
Haley Forti
Manager, Program Coordination at Movn Health